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Come out and enjoy our lovely patio, eat some tasty food and enjoy a cocktail
South Main St. has not ever been allowed to have - LIVE MUSIC!
We have been in business 31 years, so it has been a long time coming.

If you are interested in a certain type of music feel free to call and make a request.

Upcoming LIVE Music
Be watching for the May schedule which marks the return of Miss Jubilee and The Humdingers

April 25 - Rod & Charlie
May 1 - Rod and Charlie, popular duo does almost anything and does it well. 5-8
May 2 - Benny Weber, long time friend of the restaurant, blues and harmonica 4-7
May 7 - Riverside Ramblers 5-8
May 8 - Water Taxi, Americana, upbeat folk and Evergreen 5-8
May 9 - Rod & Charlie 4-7
May 13 - The Ransom Notes 5-8
May 14 - Bud Summers blues 5-8
May 15 - Rod and Charlie 5-8
May 16 - Benny Weber 4-7
May 21 - Miss Jubilee and The Humdingers 5-8
May 22 - Evergreen, Americana, folk and soft rock 5-8
May 23 - Rod and Charlie 4-7
May 28 - Miss Jubilee and The Humdingers 5-8
May 29 - Rod and Charlie 5-9
May 30 - See You At Seven, comprised of young musicians doing jazz standards 3-6

Remember, we have large fans on our patio, so even on a day that seems "warm", our patio is
shaded and cooled with the fans, so you can be comfortable even when it is in the 90's.

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