Restaurants St Charles – The title to this property dates back to 1821, when it was proofed to Charles Tayon. Tayon served from 1793-1803 as the Spanish governor of St. Charles.  He had distinguished himself during the Revolutionary War in the defense of San Carlos (St. Louis).  As a reward for the outstanding defense of Fort Joseph, he was granted 10,000 aprons (acres) of land in St. Charles County, which would explain why he came to the area.

This was probably the largest home in the settlement of St. Charles (Les Petites Cotes – the Little Hills) at the time of its construction.  Speculation has it that it may have been built in 1812 when Charles Tayon sold the property he owned a block north of here.

The home has passed through many hands, including the Botany family who owned the property for 90 years. In more recent history, this was known to the locals as “The Witches House” because the family that lived here practiced “white” witchcraft.

After extensive renovation, Magpie’s now practices its own brand of witchcraft. We cast a wonderful magical spell upon our food so you have to come back for more! You can also visit us at


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